Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Hello Lovelies,

Just writing to let you know that I just released  my newest #EROTICA series.  Called
I hope you check it out. Would really love it if you could please review after you read my newest creation.

                                                TALENT AGENCY SERIES BOOK ONE

Makayla Weiss owner of the most popular talent agency in LA & San Francisco California. Taking a personal interest in singer Damien Starr to launch his solo career, after the break up of a successful group he was part of. The closer Makayla works with Damien the more passions are awaken between the two. Until a tragedy within Makayla's family throwing her single free spirited life into chaos. The only way to make it through is depending on her new lover. Still maintaining her company and private life and being a role model to her new family.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


hello my lovelies,

I know it has been a very long time since we have connected and I thought I would stop by and have a visit to tell you all I have been up to sine last time.
Well I have finally done it and have shelf-published my first novella (Book One & Two) available now. You can only get it on Amazon and it is published worldwide.


Josephine Michelle Brewer was a small town girl from Maine. Josie got so sick of small town life and the life she had been forced to live. Josie’s life had been full of heartache and baggage. Josie wanted out of this country life and craved an action pack life so she moved west to San Francisco. Where she had a family member lived and worked as a music producer. She wanted to start a new life no she craved it. Hopefully her life would become more action packed and much more bearable. That was until she met a personal friend of  her cousin's who just so happened to be a famous Australian pop star and former singer from a very successful group. Can Josie & her pop star lover handle balancing love and careers? Or would their past baggage and secrets tear them apart before they get started.

Come on it sounds very interesting right? Just so happen that both of them are on sale now!

Also available

After keeping secrets forces their break up. Josie & Colin must try to move on separately on two different coasts. Until a tragic twist of fate forces Josie to make some very tough decisions. Pitting Ex against Ex. Will those tough decisions and white lies Josie's forced to make come back to haunt her? Does true love ever truly die!

Exciting news right!! I hope you take the time to checkout my Novella.
Currently working on BOOK THREE the final conclusion of  my POPSTAR LOVER SERIES!

Big Love & Big HUGS!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Updates For The Darken Side Of Me

Well where do I start what a week I have been having. Yesterday, was a very proud day for my family and somewhat melancholy for me as a Mum. As most of you have known yesterday that my son Brandon got accepted into the Naval Engineering in The United States Navy program. He scored what he needed well a little above what he needed. So now he is signing all of his paper work and going to MEPs this Sunday for all his medical stuff. Now I got to face it that in as little as a month my son could be heading out to boot camp. It's amazing to have been as blessed and lucky to have my 4 sons. Watching them grow from an infant into grown men. Being there to catch them  when they fall and giving that gentle gudiance in the process.  I'am so very prod of each and everyone of them. Okay enough of all that perhaps I'm starting to feel that dreadful empty nest feeling. I do know that this doesn't mean I'm losing any of my sons. I'm very sure they will be back from time to time.

Well in other news I'm hoping I'm one step closer in getting a Litearay Agents so we can start the process of getting The Darken Side Of Me out so people could enjoy this amazing story I have chosen to tell. I'm hoping that you all will be entrahal by the story I have to tel and been laboring over and perfecting for a few years now. I got an e-mail last night from Idaliz Seymour @ About Words. I'm not that neavie. I know this isn't concrete that this person will like The Darken Side of Me. But it's still amazing that they are interested in wanting to read The First Three Complete Chapters. But it is a start. As soon as I get a reply I will let everyone know the outcome of this inqurier.

I also wanted to first wish all those Fathers out there A Happy Father's Day to each and every wonderful Father out there. I also want to thank everyone that has been taking the time to read my blog. Take Care of Yourself and yours. Just remember The Greatest Thing You Will Ever Learn Is To Love and Be Loved In Return.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stop Obama's Out Of Control Spending Habits!

Please Sign this petition and STOP OBAMA'S OUT OF CONTROL SPENDING HABITS!!!!

Mr. Obama I'm so sick and tired of you bailing out everyone and everything else!!! Now you want to bail out other countries! Perhaps you should focus on UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and getting our country back on track. I guess you have forgotten WHO YOU WORK FOR. It's alot easier to spend money that doesn't even belong to you. Perhaps you need to go out and make the money instead of using the US Treasurey as your personal piggy bank to do with as you want.

I guess we should all remember this in 2012 and vote him out of office!!!


Stop Obama's Greek Bailout

12,384 Letters and Emails Sent So Far

Stop Obama's Greek Bailout
Over the past three years, President Obama has spent billions of dollars bailing out big banks, insurance giants and auto companies. These massive programs have not only cost American taxpayers dearly, but have sent the message that in the future poorly-run companies will be rescued from their failures.
But that’s only the beginning—now Obama wants to bailout failing countries. Using the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Obama plans to put American taxpayers on the hook for a second 145 billion dollar rescue package for Greece.
“Greece has been living beyond its means in recent years, and its rising level of debt has placed a huge strain on the country's economy,” BBC reported before Greece’s first bailout. “The Greek government borrowed heavily and went on something of a spending spree during the past decade. Public spending soared and public sector wages practically doubled during that time.”
Apparently the billions already given to Ireland and Greece last year were not enough. Obama and the IMF want to continue a policy that rewards irresponsible spending and discourages other wasteful European nations from getting their fiscal house in order on their own.
Bailing out Greece will only open the floodgates to more European countries headed for economic collapse including Portugal, Spain, Italy and Belgium.
In America, we have our own debt to worry about. And while fiscally conservative Governors fight to reform state spending, Obama refuses to tackle our ballooning federal spending deficit. His solution for Greece is the same one he has for America: throw more money at the problem.
We are the only nation with the power to veto any major IMF decision. Sign our petition below to tell Washington enough is enough: it’s time to stop Obama’s Greek Bailout.
Read more: Dick Armey & Matt Kibbe: Obama’s big, fat Greek bailout redux

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Let's fix our economy first. Focus Mr. Obama !!!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Darken Side of Me


Avery Jean Michaels is a twenty five year old Museum Curator from New Hampshire. She had recently moved out to San Francisco to work in the California Museum of Cultural History.
She has a sister and a brother who are both younger. They grew up with only a mother their father passed away when she was little and when her sister was an infant.

Avery decided to enroll in NYU in their Cultural History Program. She had always been fascinated by other cultures especially the religions and rituals that some of these cultures expressed. Avery’s favorite was always the Wiccan Religion. Avery had been offered a job in San Francisco, California this job was to be her dream job.

She would be working in the Museum of Cultural History but more importantly her specialty would be in witch craft and the black arts, how the black arts had played a part in our history. Avery was so excited to go. She was going to miss her family but she had never done anything so exciting or daring in her whole life. She was ready for her new adventure she just was not aware of exactly how much her life was going to change.

Aleksander Michael Stafford was born in 1894 in Brisbane, Australia he has an older brother Matthew and an older sister Tracey. But most importantly Aleksander was in love with the most beautiful woman in the world. Her name was Isabella Nicole Wheeler. They had been together for about four year when the unthinkable happened. Aleksander’s sister Tracey had been dating Isabella’s older brother Dante`.

Dante` was different from other guys, he was pretty scary Aleksander really did not like him dating his sister but who was he to tell him to stay away. Something had happened to Alexander’s sister, something Dante` had done to her. It was not long before she had come to Aleksander with it. Aleksander had asked her what had happened and she told him that Dante` had changed her. Aleksander was not sure what she had meant by what she had said.

As she went on Aleksander realized what she was talking about.  But was this real or was she pulling his leg by what she was saying. A Vampire was something out of a horror stories or perhaps a folklore tale passed down through the villagers to scare the small children into going to sleep. When Tracey finally showed him he soon realized that this was no legend or folklore.

Before Aleksander could say anything she threw her arms around Aleksander and held him tightly. She was crying saying how hard it was going to be to watch her loved ones all die while she lived on forever. Aleksander remembered rubbing her back trying to calm her down when Aleksander heard the words “sorry” whispered into his ear and a sharp pain on his neck. Aleksander remembered seeing the sun’s final descent over the horizon and then nothing but blackness.
 Aleksander had now been changed; Aleksander was so very upset with Tracey for doing that to him.  He was so in love he was 28 years old and he had found the one he wanted to spend his life with. Only now it was not life it was eternity. How could his own flesh and blood have done this to him? Aleksander did not ask to be made into some monster.

But now the urge to feed on humans was so overpowering. He needed to drink but he was so terrified to do so. How could Aleksander take a human life? When he so badly wanted to be human again. Not to mention Aleksander was in love with one. As he continued to replay what had now become his life he decided it best to tell Isabella what had happened to him.

Aleksander knew she loved him and she would never leave him. He was right when he told her what had happened, she told Aleksander that she wanted him to change her. Isabella said that she loved him and that we could spend eternity together. Aleksander had never fed off of a human and as scared as he was, he had to feed or he would die. Aleksander had to change her. Aleksander needed to have her with him always.  Once Aleksander had begun feeding on her Aleksander found it so exhilarating and so erotic. He had found himself unable to pull away from her. Soon after he felt her body go limp as she fell into his arms, lifeless. He knew he had killed her; Aleksander had killed the woman that he loved and treasured most of all. At that Alexander’s life really took on a whole new meaning as he knew he had to run away and get away as fast as he could. Alexander’s heart just didn’t beat any longer he was in morning he felt as if he was slowly dying without his precious Isabella.